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Atlas Food strives to be one step ahead of our business partners’ needs in terms of service and information about the market – We have the know-how and ability to make our clients trade globally as easy as if it was locally.

Atlas Food believes in doing what we exceed in. We are dedicated to ensure the best service and delivery options, while providing customers with the right price and safety for every order.

Our global network allows us to source every item in the frozen food industry and we are happy to receive your specific inquiry.

Our products

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Pork is one of our main product categories. We have been handling pork for 30 years combined, so we know every part of the animal. Whether our clients prefer specific cuts, packing or volumes, we can supply every demand.

We mainly source our pork from the EU and North America, and we deliver frozen pork products all over the world.


Atlas Food are in close cooperation with large seafood suppliers worldwide. On the basis of this we have the network and know-how from experienced suppliers to supply our customers with the product they require.

We supply all types of frozen seafood including Salmon, pelagic fish, ground fish and by-products.

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Chicken, hen, turkey, duck or goose, whether it is prime cuts, by-products or offals. No matter which type of poultry our customers require, Atlas Food can supply it.

All products can be delivered according to the customers demands of packing and specification.

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We source beef from most parts of the world. We are able to offer prime cuts and offals from the EU, South America, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

We have the connections to ensure all products are up to a market leading standard and the experience in shipping to handle both fresh and frozen requirements.

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Atlas Food offers a wide variety of frozen vegetables. We can supply all segments of the industry and offer both single products as well as mixed products.

Our vegetables are from quality producers, primarily in the EU, and can be delivered worldwide. Special requests for private label and packing can be provide as well.

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French fries

We offer a wide variety of french fries supplied from Europe. All our french fries are from natural grown potatoes and harvested without any use of GMO.

We are able to serve supermarkets as well as the HORECA industry. Special requests for private label and packing can be provided as well.

About us

With approx. 30 years combined experience in the global food trading business, Atlas Food is your partner in food trading. We source goods from all over the world, and multiple suppliers; pork, poultry, seafood, beef and consumer goods.

Established in 2020, Atlas Food is a new player in the food trading market – however, our years of experience created the foundation for the company to take the next step in trading and in bringing business relations further.

At Atlas Food we strive to become more than your trusted business partner. We believe that sharing information is a key element, in order to create trust and add value for both suppliers and customers. In order to achieve this, we believe in reliability, honesty and business relations. To add to that we deliver a high service level and the understanding of our customers needs because that is of great importance to us.

We are a young, dynamic team that believes in flexibility and establishing long-term partnerships. At Atlas Food we are going all the way to meet our customers’ demands, pushing the boundaries to become a preferred and reliable partner for our customers.

ATLAS FOOD – We Serve You

Our services

Atlasfood Finance


Our finance department consists of highly qualified and experienced employees. If our clients or suppliers have any questions or issues, we are available to help with quality solutions.

Atlasfood Logistics


Our skilled logistic department handles all segments of transport solutions of frozen food. No matter the product, volume and destination, we will find the prime solution for all parts.

The service also includes handling of all required documentation necessary, whether it be transport documents, health certificates or documents related to a certain payment term.

Flexibility is essential, and at Atlas Food we see it as a given. Your goods are safe with us.

Atlasfood IT


In order to provide the best possible service, Atlas Food works from an up-to-date IT platform that gives us the tools we need to follow up and adapt to all sorts of requirements. The satisfaction from our suppliers and customers are key elements in our business, therefore our IT solution is always updated in order to support this effort.


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