Our mission is rooted in flexibility and innovation, striving to be a trusted and satisfying supplier for customers and partners alike

Atlas Food specializes in global food trading, offering a wide range of products, including pork, poultry, potatoes, seafood, beef, and vegetables. Although we were established in 2020, we bring over 30 years of combined experience to the industry. 

Our promise is to build trust and add value through honest business relationships, sound economic management and a high level of service with a focus on reliability and adaptability. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs while prioritizing a positive work environment for our employees.

Our Office

Our headquarters in Aalborg is housed in a historic building that has been renovated to meet modern standards. Our office is more than just a place to work; it’s a hub of innovation, collaboration and community.

With a flat organizational culture, we prioritize open communication and value the contributions of every team member. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a community that values social events, from poker nights to holiday gatherings. Step into our office and see how we operate.

We aim to create partnerships that lasts
by delivering what we promise

Fostering long-term partnerships is central to Atlas Food.

We believe that lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect are key to our success and that of our partners. Our commitment to collaboration and understanding each partner’s unique needs and goals is fundamental.

These partnerships are nurtured with a focus on shared growth and opportunity.
By working closely with our customers and suppliers, we strive to create a mutually beneficial business environment that ensures a stable and prosperous future.

Trust and Reliability

We prioritize trust, reliability, credibility, and satisfaction in all our customer and supplier relationships. We believe that trust is earned through consistent, reliable, and ethical practices in all our business affairs.

Our approach is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, striving to exceed expectations and ensure satisfaction on both sides of every transaction. This commitment to excellence is what fosters enduring trust and facilitates ongoing business expansion and achievement.

Our Contributions

We believe in the power of giving and take pride in supporting local sports, building community strength, and collaborating with NGOs to assist developing countries where we operate. This is our way of giving back, showing gratitude, and caring.

Our commitment also extends to mental health. We support important organizations such as headspace and Danske Hospitalsklovne. Both initiatives bring hope and joy where it is needed most. These efforts demonstrate our commitment to making a real difference in the world.

You can find all of our contributions here

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